Michael Smyth


Michael Smyth was the last blacksmith to use this forge, he was the 5th generation of blacksmith in his family, up to his death the forge was a central part of the farming community. This was a working forge until 1997. Michael died in 1999.

Blacksmiths made horseshoes and shaped the red hot iron on the anvil after heating it first in the fires therefore the fire and anvil were central to the workings of the forge. A blacksmith made numerous tools and parts for farm machinery, iron gates etc., some of which are on display here in the forge

He also worked with Michael Skerritt in making horse carts and iron pins for wooden harrows along with other items. Michael Smyth had a great reputation for shaping and fitting the iron rim on the commonly used cartwheels. It was very hard work and involved measuring, bending and heating the rims outside in a special fire. Some of the implements needed are still in position outside the forge today.

The bellows, repaired in 2007, was needed to blow air into the fire to reignite the fire.