The Tour

An active blacksmith forge until 1990’s.  Michael Smyth was the last of several  generations of blacksmiths to work there. Restored in 2006 by the Historical Committee. Contains a open furnace, a massive leather bellows to stoke the flames, an anvil, as well as all Michael’s old tools are on display.

When you go inside to the museum you can see Michael Skerritt, a local carpenter, tools. To be found are Old household items: traditional ‘crane’ to support hanging ovens for cooking over an open hearth fire. Musical equipment from the old Claregalway Fife and Drum Band (founded in 1909). Many old photographs and various documents and much, much more.

Farm implements such as ploughs, harrows and scufflers and many more to be found on outside grounds.

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For small groups up to 5 persons

Inside the Forge